Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 27th


The music has been described as “romantic” and also as being positive or beautiful while carrying “a hidden darkness”, and seeks to tell the story of true life, which is never completely happy nor completely sad yet finds its beauty in the transitions and in-betweens of human existence. Sweeping string quartet structures, plucking lines with rhythmic delay, massive crushing distorted guitar/bass, ambient drones, and reverbed/delayed vocals or brass all find their place.

Bat House
From Boston, Bat House brings us a high-energy fusion of Math-rock elements along with elements of psych-rock and other forms. Their emotionally charged compositions move the listener just as much with their melodies and tones as the rhythms move the body; with their performance both a tight-nit seeming chaos that explodes at whim and then resubstantiates just as easily in the next moment; showing both precision and passion. Their new album is available

Jazz squeezed through a punk rock tube. Described as having "dream logic," "a willingness to defy genre conventions" and the ever favorite, "a cacophonous wreck." Sodada released a new album, "Sunshine EP" on April 1st (


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