Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 27th


The music has been described as “romantic” and also as being positive or beautiful while carrying “a hidden darkness”, and seeks to tell the story of true life, which is never completely happy nor completely sad yet finds its beauty in the transitions and in-betweens of human existence. Sweeping string quartet structures, plucking lines with rhythmic delay, massive crushing distorted guitar/bass, ambient drones, and reverbed/delayed vocals or brass all find their place.

Bat House
From Boston, Bat House brings us a high-energy fusion of Math-rock elements along with elements of psych-rock and other forms. Their emotionally charged compositions move the listener just as much with their melodies and tones as the rhythms move the body; with their performance both a tight-nit seeming chaos that explodes at whim and then resubstantiates just as easily in the next moment; showing both precision and passion. Their new album is available

Jazz squeezed through a punk rock tube. Described as having "dream logic," "a willingness to defy genre conventions" and the ever favorite, "a cacophonous wreck." Sodada released a new album, "Sunshine EP" on April 1st (


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 20th

3 live performances emanating from 3 different yet symbiotic dimensions: 

The Feldons (from west Ma.) 
time blasted sounds of today spawned from the lost worlds of shimmying ephemeral glory - savage, wyld, raw

Human Host (NY/Pa.)
opening up the show with music that combines figments of your imagination with quasi-accidental reality aka good luck - first show in west Ma. since 2009 and the first show of HH's New England tour

Eric Gaffney (ex-Sebadoh)
One of the greatest, weirdest, most incomparable
musicians ever

[art: a panel from the comic book Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen number 87]

****Just added -Eric Gaffney (sebedoh) plays a rare solo set.
Acoustic strums , cassette player backing track about aliens in the swamps, with a little bit of local historical facts.

Doors 9:30

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017



If you haven't met the wonderful dude yet, you've probably at least heard his name. For the 10+ years I've lived in this town, I've never heard one bad thing about him, and I've never heard him say a bad thing about anyone else. 

Before playing an imporrtant role in the valleys film community and opening Barcades -He used to do some really awesome show flyers. And then he started to again last month. We are lucky enough to have had George do these for the shows.

Thanks George!

(Link to his stuff will be added soon) 

Thursday, June 29th

Heavy Necker
, Peabody MA's premiere Rock and Blues band:

While Stella Sleeps:
Cinematic Space Rock. Postrock Emo

Science Fight:
Melodic sludge-- bass player got 13th floor elevator blood running through hiis veins!

9:30 Doors

Thursday, June 22nd

Awesome night of music!


Doors 930pm

The Mary Jane Jones:
Mandy Pachios and Dan Thomas, the songwriters behind The Mary Jane Jones, present their body of work in a rare, stripped-down set featuring voice, and guitar, joined by bassist Chris Ball on stand-up.
Matt Byrde:
American Band, hell ya!
Rachel Laitmen (with the incredible Sturgiss "Van's sneakers weed bag" Cunningham on drums )